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Jhirl is a black woman who's also in a relationship with another woman. Sulu was intended to be of solely Japanese origin. Laura Dean, in Alpha Flight, is black, pre-pubescent, female, and autistic. Psylocke: A white Englishwoman trapped in an Asian body. As the main cast boasts their ethnic background advantages over John being a white male, the next interviewee enters, a black, blind woman in a wheelchair. Star Trek : Probably the most notable and obvious example is Uhura who was black and female (and was almost the only recurring character with either of these characteristics). Storm, daughter of an African-American father and a Kenyan mother. Jewish, ginger, and from New Jersey. Amateur, homemade, pOV, sFW, verified Amateurs, vintage. She was also in an interracial relationship with an Alternate Universe version of Spider-Woman. Before adding examples, remember that the character must actually be a minority within the context of the setting. As representative of the "melting pot" of an immigrant society through the children of an ethnically mixed couple. The 2011 Teen Titans relaunch introduced Bunker, an openly-gay teenage superhero from Mexico. James Spurlock from 30 Rock is actually called "Toofer" because as one character says "with him you get a two-for-one; he's a black guy and a Harvard guy." Though a later episode had the gang coming up with new nicknames for him, one of which. The family also has Oracle (female, handicapped). Everybody, meet the new kid in town! Ultimate Marvel has introduced Miles Morales, a half black, half Latino child, as the new Spider-Man. Kitty Pryde : Jewish and female.

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Also Amy, who is Latina and a woman, and Mateo, who is Filipino and gay.Comedian Jasper Redd talked about how Atlanta, Georgia had the highest percentage of gay black men in the south: "That's unfortunate.Knowing they're looking for diversity, they try to one-up each other, culminating in Keith Richards having found a one armed, gay, native American little person (.