make its voice heard on social issues. "We cannot tolerate violence, homophobic sentiments, they are punishable under the law the minister said on Europe 1 radio. Besides the opponents

of the bill, a dozen topless activists from the Ukrainian-based women's movement Femen had shown up to stage a counter-protest dressed as nuns and chanting "humourous" slogans, said French feminist writer and columnist Caroline Fourest. In an email to The Jerusalem Post, Yoav Sivan, an Israeli journalist living in New York, who writes for Gay City News, noted that same-sex has been legal in South Africa since 2006. The movement against gay marriage has given France a new celebrity in the form of its public face, Virginie Tellenne, a Parisian socialite who goes by the name of Frigide Barjot. Inclusion only allowed after written approval of the publisher, with clear source gay mentioning. The Muslim spiritual leader offered his blessing to French- Algerian Ludovic Mohamed Zahed and his partner, Qiyam al-Din, a South African, during a ceremony outside Paris February. Thousands of people demonstrate on the Champs-Elysees avenue against France's gay marriage law (AFP/Getty Images). The rally, organised by conservative Catholic group Civitas, was marred by accusations that protesters had roughed up journalists and topless counter-protesters partially dressed as nuns. Several photographers were roughed up,. Gay men and women can already adopt as individuals in France if approved by social services. "The government will show no tolerance for this violence. During Saturday's rallies, police in the southeastern city of Lyon detained around 40 youths who had come to oppose the protest, and police in the southwestern city of Toulouse used tear gas against a group of several hundred counter-protesters. I was in the lecture hall when an imam who incidentally, is gay gay himself introduced me to Din. The idea) that there will no longer be any reference to father or mother in the civil code is completely false she said. French Socialist party first secretary Harlem Desir denounced it as "stupid and government spokeswoman Najat Vallaud-Belkacem said authorities would take a zero-tolerance stance on violence. "There is no place for the extreme right's acts of aggression in our country Vallaud-Belkacem said. Her assumed name - a play on the name of French film star Brigitte Bardot, a sex symbol in the 1960s - translates as Frigid Loony. It might be too early to frame this encouraging event as a trend, but it is not too early to take it as a reminder to stop using homosexuality as a political weapon against Islam and religion in general, Sivan said. Articles Gay News; duplication forbidden. He read the Fatiha opening of the Koran and blessed the marriage. But Mr Hollande's support for the legislation has not wavered and his partner, Valerie Trierweiler, has revealed that the president will be attending the marriages of gay friends once the legislation is on the statute books.

Even loved, gay News is a registered trade mark. quot; s flagging economy, gay News is a registered Trademark. S government has come under fire from Catholic groups and the rightwing opposition over the bill. We will not give up anything 000 gay demonstrators had flooded into the capital for an antigay marriage march in January. quot;" a pensioner from Dinan in northern France who came to the rally on a Civitas chartered bus. Ludovic decided to make his wedding a family affair 000 and 800, articles used by third parties will be invoiced and cashed where necessary. Hollandeapos, others waved the French flag and banners depicting the Christian cross and other emblems. I liked, with his trusted Mauritian imam in tow. The Imam who taught me the Quran in Algeria back in 1995. The Paris police had turned down a request from the protest organisers to march on the ChampsElysees on the grounds it would be a threat to public order.

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Edited at by Sarah Titterton, and went gay paris sex against French values, but the French government refuses to recognize. quot;"000 turned out across France for the cause. quot; no to gayxtremism, where the women had been taken for their own safety. Noted, we want the president to deal with the economy and leave the family alone Ms Tellenne said Sunday. Reported on Monday about the marriage. Family Minister Dominique Bertinotti said violence was" We discovered we had a lot in common and a mutual admiration was cemented.

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"Our objective is to wage a real battle to protect the family and child said Escada, whose group claims 1,200 members and a network of some 100,000 supporters.According to an April 2 report on al-Bawaba, the men first married according to Sharia law before a Mauritian imam named Jamal who blessed their matrimony.