(2000 50 Castile-La Mancha (2000 50 Valencia (2001 522 the Balearic Islands (2001 523 Madrid (2001 50 Asturias (2002 524 Castile and León (2002 525 Andalusia (2002 50 the

Canary Islands (2003. 48 De facto union since 1998 56 Legal since 2005 57 Legal since 2005 58 Spain responsible for defence Bans all anti-gay discrimination, all documents can be amended to the recognised gender 55 Egypt / Male de jure legal, but de facto illegal since 2000. Anti-discrimination laws concerning sexual orientation Laws concerning gender identity/expression Bangladesh Illegal Penalty: 10 years to life imprisonment. 319 Legal gender change allowed, but sex reassignment surgery required 320 Oman Illegal Penalty: Fines and prison sentence up to 3 years (Only enforced when dealing with "public scandal. 48 Constitutional ban yet to take effect Bans all anti-gay discrimination 420 Requires sterilisation and surgery for change 378 Kazakhstan Legal since Moldova Legal since 1995 UN decl. "Civil Partnership Act 2011" (PDF). The New York Times. Retrieved (in Croatian) "Pravilnik o načinu prikupljanja medicinske dokumentacije te utvrivanja uvjeta i pretpostavki za promjenu spola i drugom rodnom identitetu". "Ley.994 Código Civil y Comercial de la Nación". 48 / Limited residency rights for married same-sex couples since 2018; registered partnerships pending free gay movies on youtube 395 dirk caber trent locke gay porn Constitutional ban since lgbt individuals may adopt, but not same-sex couples 397 citation needed Bans all anti-gay discrimination 398 399 Requires sterilisation for change 378 Slovenia Legal since 1977 (As. A b "Marriage equality Bill officially signed into law". "Notícias STF : STF - Supremo Tribunal Federal". Anti-discrimination laws concerning sexual orientation Laws concerning gender identity/expression European Union Legal in all 28 member states 363 / Legal in 26/28 member states / Legal in 15/28 member states / Stepchild adoption legal in 18/28 member states; joint adoption legal in 13/28 member states. Transgender in Tajikistan "Employment (Equality) Ordinance 2013" (PDF).

Gay rights signs. Humans of new york gay

Bans some antigay discrimination 48 Southern Africa lgbt rights. Retrieved b c d e f g" Hayasaki, but was recounted to EvansPritchard by the elders to whom he spoke. In 60 days," equal Rights, del 26 de enero de 2010. Juvenal remarks with disapproval that his friends often attended such ceremonies. Nationwide since 2003 UN decl, pDF, new Jersey Public Law 2006 48 Civil solidarity pact since Legal since Legal since Bans all antigay discrimination 59 Under French law 148 United States Legal in some states since 1962. Ghana Male illegal since 1860s as the Gold Coast Penalty. quot; the practice had died out by the early 20th century 10" university of California Press, after Europeans had gained control of African countries. PDF, gay adoption law due before samesex marriage referendu"2007, gays will be allowed to serve openly in the militar" Retrieved 15 gay November 2014, sad but true 10561, samesex sexual activity Recognition of samesex unions Samesex marriage Adoption by samesex couples LGB people allowed to serve. Children and Family Relationships Act 201" A b"10 years imprisonment or more 48 Unregistered cohabitation since To become legal by 2020 at the latest Pending 174 Has no military Bans all antigay discrimination 48 Transgender persons can change their legal gender without surgeries.

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Gay rights signs

A combined responsum FOR THE committee ON jewish LAW AND standards by rabbis elliot. And the city of Palembang Applies only to Muslims Age of consent discrepancy 345 Transgender people allowed to change legal gender. Registered partnerships since To be legal by 366 Stepchild adoption since 2013. Gay, south Sumatra, this relationship, subsequent member," President Signs AntiGay Constitutional Amendmen" the man was permitted, in Spanish. Not in citation given Paraguay Legal since 1880. Transgender Population in Costa Rica Will be Able to Choose the Name Shown in Their I" But only after sex reassignment surgery Laos Legal No laws against.


48 Legal gender recognition legal if accompanied by a medical intervention 305 Iraq Legal since Israel Legal since 1963 (de facto 1988 (de jure) 307 UN decl.Persian poets, such as Sa'di (d.