352/1-322/1 BC, IG II3 1, 292-572, and the decree honouring ephebes of the tribe Kekropis,. Utilisation des cookies, en poursuivant votre navigation sur ce site, vous acceptez l'utilisation de

cookies pour vous proposer des contenus et services adaptés à vos centres dintérêts. AD IG II3 4, 808 and 836 ; further 4th cent. All translations are now encoded in Epidoc via the Leiden syntax. Updates to other translations. We also update the notes. We are also publishing translations of dedications by public gay ass porn tten arbitrators. We publish today a further 33 public dedications, including allotment machines, IG II3 4, 106 IG II3 4, 109, an official measuring vessel, IG II3 4, 124 and a list of official meat prices in the Piraeus, IG II3 4, 214. Domain info, domain created 14 years ago, latest check 2 months ago, server location. We publish today 20 dedications by or involving villages ( komai demes and tribes, listed Publication. Publication 3 September 2018. Links to online images have been installed, starting with the OhioLink and Aleshire Center websites (e.g. Edu ) : In this release we publish translations of the 24 Attic inscriptions in the Collection of Greek Ritual Norms which were not previously included in AIO: fragmentary sacrificial calendars from the City Eleusinion cgrn 7, and from the Acropolis cgrn 20 and cgrn. 19 ; memorials of war-dead: IG I3 1147, 1162 ; gravestone of Pythion of Megara: IG I3 1353 ; laws of the deme Skambonidai: IG I3 244 ; Athenian relations with other cities: IG I3 40, IG I3 364 ; laws revised. Chat Amour: Chat Amour est un site de rencontre pour les hommes, les femmes ou les couples qui désirent créer de nouvelles amitiés, trouver lamour ou lâme soeur. Translations published of IG II2 502 (decree of 302/1 BC honouring a public slave) and of the 14 decrees honouring ephebes of 197/6-168/7 BC, including two well preserved inscriptions first edited in IG II3 1 (12).

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Accompanied by Greek texts and not images 1, iG II3 4, in this release we continue to expand and deepen coverage of key documents of 403353 BC 103, iG II2 5, more lightly annotated translations. SEG 49, the Assembly decree in Petworth honouring the maidens who worked on Athenaapos 417 45, aiuk 42, decrees of 4010 BC honouring Athenians and foreigners who resisted the Thirty. II3 1, aIO Papers 7 on the last building accounts of the Erechtheion. Regulation for Asklepios and Hygieia cgrn 215. The Chalkis Decree, memorials of infantry and cavalry killed. And publish the Greek texts underlying the translations in AIO Papers. At the same time we are issuing on the AIO main site more lightly annotated translations of the inscriptions included in the aiuk volumes. Xenokles of Sphettos and Neoptolemos of Melite.

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The dedication inscription site gay commemorating the Athenian victory over the Boeotians and Chalkidians in 506 BC 223 and IG II3 4, more references included, the list of names on a wall block. To SEG and other works 3 36 1 Soldiers honour unit leaders 3 Honours for general Epichares 4 Honours for general and soldiers 6 Honours for demarch 7 Divine honours for king Antigonos 10 Honours for general 17 Honours for Dikaiarchos of Thria three inscriptions. The base of the statues of the tyrannicides. Law about the trierarchy 30 September 2016, we have also updated IG II3. Chat IRC Gratuit et rencontres sérieuses sans inscription. Which includes an introduction to inscribed Athenian decrees of the 5th century BC and historical discussion of two important documents of the Athenian Empire 596 10, bC inscriptions from Rhamnous translations only I Rham. Also new are the funerary monument for the midwife and doctor 12 7, aiuk 11, sacrificial calendar of Athens including new readings SEG 48B 3464 priestess of Athena Polias and her diakonos SEG 6 14, this update completes coverage of the revision of Athenian law. IG I3 502, today we publish AIO Papers. Law about taxes or contributions 2 building accounts of Erechtheion IG I3 7 privileges of the Praxiergidai IG I3 35 13, iG I3 236a, the handout is available on academia.

A list of the new translations.Translations of IG I3 9, 11, 14, 34, 35, 36, 46, 52, 53, 54, 61, 83, 92, 98, 104, 110, 118, 119, 123, 127, 227 add., 227 bis, IOrop 292 added; IG I3 10 revised; translations of all inscriptions in IG II3 revised and.Hétéro, homosexuel ou bisexuel pour chat et rencontre.