saw two men kissing in a bar, she wrote gay #ew.". Copyright Associated Press / NBC 10 Philadelphia. Witnesses described Knott as a blond woman in a white dress

who threw a punch during the assault at 16th and Chancellor streets, which was partially captured on surveillance video. City, meanwhile, Kathryn Knott is still being pride sued for 5 million by a Montgomery County woman. He and juror Gina Cook, 36, of Roxborough, said jurors had to examine what the law said on the various charges Knott faced. The daughter of a suburban Philadelphia police chief found guilty of simple assault in a violent attack on a gay couple in Center City Philadelphia may be spared jail time after a jury acquitted her of the most serious counts she faced. Related: breaking: Kathryn Knott Found Guilty In Philly Gay Bashing Trial. Kevin Harrigan, Kathryn Knott and, philip Williams. District Attorney Seth Williams said in a statement after the verdicts: "Hate has no place in this great city of ours; not in Center City, not in the Gayborhood and not on one of our neighborhood street corners." He said Knott's actions "were disgusting" and. We quickly found Shane Rudolf on LinkedIn. Just over three years since, zachary Hesse and. O'Donnell says she was later fired because she was visited at work by detectives. After Knott was arrested for the bashing she would end up serving five months in jail for paticipating in a mob-like beating that left one man unconscious and his jaw shattered O'Donnell began commenting on news gay stories related to the Knott case. And the couple is registered at Macys! In October, Williams, 25, of Warminster, pleaded guilty to aggravated assault and conspiracy; Harrigan, 27, of Warrington, pleaded guilty to simple assault and conspiracy. Meanwhile, Knott remains a defendant in a 5 million federal civil suit that is winding its way through the courts. Hesse sustained injuries as well. The victims were in the courtroom, but did not comment afterward. He said he had to concede to other jurors on the aggravated-assault charges. Knott's attorney Louis Buscio also claimed a victory of sorts since Knott was vindicated on the felony counts that would have carried likely prison time. She did not speak with reporters afterward.

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Knott was acquitted of three other counts. Rednoserudy, gay knott, at Chancellor Street, a felony 25, naming. An alley just south of Walnut.

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S three misdemeanors, telling the Knotts there was enough evidence of a conspiracy for the lawsuit to proceed. And the judge porn sentenced her to five to 10 months in prison followed by probation. A jury convicted Knott of simple assault.